We have been selling antiques and vintage 50's and 60's items

for 14 years, but are newly arrived at the Antique Center.

We sell everything of interest to women, from gorgeous vintage clothing

to beautiful tatted, crochet, and embroidered linens.



We sell toys and books for our children and the men in our lives.

Purses, cosmetic containers, perfume jars, gloves, furs and other coats,

all kinds of hats; these are a few of the items we like the most

and seek out in every sale we attend throughout the year.



Because women are so involved in the decoration of their homes

and the organization and efficiency of their kitchens,

we also seek out a general line of decorative and useful home items

such as furniture, kitchen tools and containers, pictures, handmade and holiday items,

glassware, stoneware, and 50's and 60's plastic.




We really like our booth at the Antique Center.

It allows us to be creative, yet organized, with our displays.



We look forward to seeing you there one day when we are "working" our booth.

Please drop by and say "Hi".


If you mention this message when you do see us, we will most certainly offer you

a discount on your selection from our booth.



Thank you for the time you spent looking at our pictures

and reading our description.  See you there!


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